Cheatsheet: Hollywood's VSTs and Plugins

A guide to the exact plugins and VSTs you need to make film music.
19 Mar 2015

Cheatsheet: VSTs/Plugins Film Composers Use


One of the most common questions I get from composers is:

“What VSTs and Sample Libraries are they using on -insert Hollywood film-?”

For many modern composers up to 60% of a film score may consists of VSTs and sample library material. For lower budget productions this can be anything up to 100%. The process of scoring a film starts with constructing demos of the cues from sampled sounds. Much of the time the string samples are so good they will be left in the final mix with the real orchestra layered on top, often the percussion section will be 100% sampled.

Up until recently many of these sound libraries were privately owned and inaccessible to home studio producers. This has all changed, if you know the right libraries and VSTs and where to find them you can have the exact same sounds being used in Hollywood at your disposal. Let me show you how… Click the Percussion Cheat-sheet and drag across to the get the Orchestral Cheat-sheet.


Click here to download the cheatsheets and get tons more free resources for making epic cinematic music:

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